Off-Campus Housing



Will you move off-campus, stay in the dorms, or move to a Greek House

  • Must be 18 to sign a lease
  • Consider price and convenience
  • Apartment – variable costs, cook own food, more responsibility, more freedom
  • Dorms – consistent cost, food on campus, no need to leave campus, less freedom

Who will you live with?

  • How will you determine if someone is compatible and will make a good roommate?
  • List of questions to ask a potential roommate
  • Parties, dirty dishes, bathrooms, cleanliness, drug use/habits, smoking

How many roommates do you want?

  • Sharing costs vs. on your own
  • Will you rent a house or apartment?

Find out the budget of the group members

  • Other costs besides rent
  • Determine your price range

What features are required vs. optional for roommates?

  • What features would be nice to have?
  • Define your priorities – be realistic


  • Do roommates feel strongly about having pets?
  • Will pets limit your housing options?
  • Pets fee(s)/deposits
  • Don’t sneak in pets – fine(s)


  • Roommate agreements – Payments