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ASWSU Cougar Choice Housing

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Welcome to Cougar Choice Housing 

Cougar Choice Housing is a student-run organization providing guidance in the search for off-campus living. We can help you navigate the off-campus housing search. 

Cougar Choice Housing believes in keeping Cougs at the epicenter of decision making for their future living arrangements through evaluating off-campus living options to ensure students rent in safe, reliable spaces for student living. 

Cougar Choice housing also puts on several programming events and the WSU housing Fair each year. Check out the events tab for upcoming events. 

Where do I begin?

1. Start by heading to the resources tab and checking out the "What Are You Looking For In a Unit?" Worksheet. 

2. Once you have decided what type of unit you are searching for head to the Cougar Choice Approved Property tab and check out the properties located in this list. (Keep in mind these properties are inspected for Health/Safety Criteria. These criteria can be found under the resources tab)

3. Do a little research into each property/ property group you are looking at. Talk to your friends and see if anyone has lived there before and what they say about it. 

4. Stop by the Cougar Choice Housing Office (CUB 305-A), we are more than happy to help you in finding out information about your prospective properties. 

5. Contact your prospective properties and set up a time to tour the specific unit you are interested in leasing. Tour the unit with all prospective roommates.  (*Show units may be misleading and be of different quality to what you actually rent) 

6. Take some time to think over the unit and make sure it is really what you are looking for. This is why starting this process early is so important! 

7. Visit ASWSU Student Legal Services for a free lease consultation if you have any questions about any section in your lease. 

8. Read your ENTIRE lease (this is a legally binding contract between you and the property manager) 

9. Go into the property managers office to sign your lease. This way you can ask any questions and know 100% what you are getting yourself into. 

10. Obtain a physical copy of your signed lease, and file this away in your rental file. 

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