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ASWSU Cougar Choice Housing

A Higher Standard of Excellence Cougar Choice

Become a Cougar Choice Property

Becoming a Cougar Choice property is easy! All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

1. Read our brochure about the Benefits of Becoming a Cougar Choice Property

2. Download the appropriate application for you property listed below and fill it out and return it by email to Please use the single properties application if you have more than one physical address you would like approved. 


Cougar Choice Housing Apartment Application         

3. After you have completed the application a Cougar Choice Housing representative will contact you to set up an inspection date and time. The property or properties will be inspected using the Cougar Choice Housing Inspection Criteria.

4. After the inspection takes place you will be notified if any of your properties passed or failed inspection. In the event a property fails inspection you will have three (3) business day to fix the problem and contact us to schedule a follow up inspection. 

5. Enjoy the benefits of being a Cougar Choice Approved Property!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Approval will only be granted through July of 2020 for all inspections completed in 2019.