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Cougar Choice Housing

How Cougar Choice Housing works:

  • Participation is completely voluntary and free of charge
  • Cougar Choice personnel will complete independent inspections of a sample size of your properties
  • Upon completion of the inspections, the inspector will determine whether the property meets Cougar Choice criteria
  • Inspections are every three years to remain in the program
  • Promotion will occur at fairs, on websites, other social media, and word of mouth
  • If a property is found out of compliance, comments will be noted of recommendations on how to gain acceptance into the program
  • Property owners have 60 days to make the required changes. Once changed, contact us for a re-evaluation
  • If at any point you disagree with a comment, a re-evaluation can be conducted
  • 5% of all properties/complexes and a minimum of 5 units per complex must be inspected to ensure consistency. Houses are by street address.
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How does Cougar Choice Housing benefit me? 

  • A free program in which you maintain responsibility and control of your own rental properties
  • Participation in the exclusive WSU Housing Fair (open only to Cougar Choice Approved Housing)
  • Repeat, loyal renters through positive word of mouth advertising, experiences, and stories
  • Top preference for students and families when they see Cougar Choice Approved properties
  • Vividly illustrates that safety is your highest priority
  • Property defining Cougar Choice window clings
  • Demonstrates partnership with Washington State University and its Student Body Leadership