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City Regulations

Some basic information about a few provisions of the Pullman City Code may be of interest to you. Copies of the Pullman City Code are available for your reference and more detailed examination at the Pullman City Hall, Neill Public Library, Holland Library in the reference section, and the city's Web page.  

  • Noise Regulation

    Noise Regulation

    (Pullman City Code, Chap. 8.80)
    Contact: Police operations commander for information - 509-334-0802. For noise complaints/violations - 509-332-2521.

    Noise is regulated in the city of Pullman as a nuisance 24 hours a day. Regulated sound includes radios, stereos, televisions, car radios, electronic musical instruments, construction equipment, voices and most other noise sources. The regulation covers a twenty-four hour period that begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 7 a.m. the following day. The procedure of enforcement is as follows: A citizen must complain to initiate the process. When a citizen complains, a police officer will determine whether the noise violates the decibel limits or is otherwise a public disturbance. The police officer may give the violator a reasonable time to comply before issuing a notice of infraction or immediately issue a notice of infraction. No additional noise, of any type, can disturb persons within the twenty-four hour period (from 12:01 a.m. until midnight) of the original complaint or an additional notice of infraction may be issued and a mandatory court appearance may be required. If the violator was warned about a loud stereo at 10 a.m. and then was contacted about loud voices at 11 p.m., the violator would be issued a notice of infraction. If the identity of the person responsible for the noise cannot be established at the time of the noise, the owner; or any tenant (if it is a rented or leased premises); or an officer of the responsible living group or association, (if it is a living group premises,) will be issued a notice of infraction whether or not that person was at the premises at the time of the noise incident.

    A first violation during a year period, beginning August 1 and ending July 31 may be forfeited for a cost of $100. A second or subsequent violation will require a mandatory court appearance. If the violator is found guilty of a second or subsequent violation, the court shall fine the violator no less than $500. If the violator fails to appear in response to the notice of infraction, the violator is found guilty, fined the maximum penalty, and, if not paid, the matter is turned over to a collection agency. This may result in credit problems for the violator. [See also nuisance party regulations.]

  • Alcohol Enforcement

    Alcohol Enforcement

    Contact: Pullman Police Dept. 509-332-2521. 

    The city of Pullman actively enforces state and city laws relative to alcohol violations. Although most people are familiar with liquor laws against drunk driving, minors in possession, and serving minors, it should be emphasized that opening or consuming liquor [hard liquor, beer or wine] in a public place is also a violation of the law.

    Pullman City Code states:

    5.55.010 Alcohol Consumption Or Open Container In Public – Prohibited. It is unlawful for any person to consume any beer, wine or any other intoxicating liquor, or have in his or her possession any opened containers or receptacles containing any beer, wine or any other intoxicating liquor on any sidewalks, streets or public place within the city or in any vehicle parked or moving on public streets, or at any other place within the city other than a private residence, or upon premises licensed for the sale and consumption of beer or liquor or upon premises whereon beer or intoxicating liquor is sold by a license under the laws of the state.

    5.55.020 Violation – Penalty. A first violation of this chapter shall be a class 1 infraction, punishable by a penalty of not less than $250.00. For each repeat violation of this chapter, the penalty shall be not less than $500.00.

    The Revised Code of Washington 66.44.100 states:

    Opening or consuming liquor in public place—Penalty. Except as permitted by this title, no person shall open the package containing liquor or consume liquor in a public place. Every person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a class 3 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW.

    No alcohol is allowed in Pullman city parks unless an appropriate permit has been issued by City Hall.

  • Parking Regulation

    Parking Regulation

    (Pullman City Code, Chapters 12.10, 12.15, 12.20, 12.25, 12.30, and 17.105)
    Contact: for questions code enforcement officer— 509-334-0802. For complaints – 509-332-2521.

    Parking space is limited in most cities, including the city of Pullman. This is especially true near the Washington State University campus. Parking regulations have been enacted by the City Council with the intent of being fair to those who need to park on the City’s streets and still protect the safety and general welfare of the residents. Unless otherwise posted, vehicles, trailers, and recreational vehicles may not be left parked on public streets and alleys in the city of Pullman for more than seven days (168 consecutive hours) without being used for their intended purpose. For example, automobiles must be driven, trailers must be towed, and floats must be used in a parade or similar use in order to qualify as being used for their intended purpose. Unattached campers and canopies may not be stored or detached from a vehicle and left on public streets or alleys for any period of time.

    Parking regulations in Pullman generally are consistent with those in effect for the rest of the state. For example, anywhere in Washington, including Pullman, vehicles cannot be parked on sidewalks, planting strips (area between the sidewalk and curb), blocking driveways, in yellow zones, or in fire zones (areas needed for emergency access to buildings, fire hydrants, or fire equipment. Such areas include, but are not limited to areas with adjacent curbs or rails painted yellow). Pullman City Code, Chapter 12.10.092, also prohibits parking vehicles on front lawns.

    Some public parking lots and streets prohibit parking between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. These are usually downtown and are posted. This allows for regular street sweeping. For snow removal and street repair purposes, the city public works department may at times temporarily close some streets in order to facilitate the completion of snow removal or repairs. In such instances, temporary “No Parking Signs” may be erected on relatively short notice. A map of parking zones may be viewed on the city Website following the drop-down menus to Departments/Police/Organization/Parking. City-issued parking permits for residents are for sale through Pullman Police Department for some areas near campus, where posted for residential parking permits. WSU Parking at 509-335-7275 (509-335-PARK) has information about on-campus permits.

  • Parking at WSU

    Parking at WSU

    Contact: WSU Parking at 509-335-7275 (509-335-PARK)

    WSU has its own parking rules and regulations which can be found online. Information about on-campus parking can be obtained from Parking Services here.

  • Animal Control Regulation

    Animal Control Regulation

    (City Code, Title 9)
    Contact: for questions code enforcement — 509-334-0802. For complaints – 509- 332-2521 

    The city of Pullman regulates how animals are controlled in the City and requires that all dogs be on a leash when off private property. Owners of animals are also responsible for disposing of animal feces deposited on public property and for having in their possession the means for doing so. In addition, animals considered dangerous are required to be muzzled when away from the owner’s premises. Generally, an animal that has bitten or attacked a person or another animal unprovoked is considered to be a dangerous animal. The Code also requires that all cats and dogs must have a current rabies inoculation; and that all dogs must be licensed.

    To reclaim animals picked up by Animal Control or to adopt animals, contact Whitman County Humane Society at 509-332-3422. Unwanted and abandoned pets are a real problem in Pullman. Please have your pet neutered/spayed to help control this situation.

  • Sidewalk and Pedestrian Clearance Areas

    Sidewalk and Pedestrian Clearance Areas

    (Pullman City Code 11.42, 11.50)
    Contact: Community Improvement Rep. – 509-338-3300.

    To allow the public full and free use of sidewalks or pedestrian clearance areas, city code requires that these areas be free of debris, overhanging or surface vegetation, and in the winter months, snow and ice. To assist residents in better understanding their responsibilities in this regard, the Pullman City Code is available at under the ‘City Code’ menu item.

  • Litter Control

    Litter Control

    (Pullman City Code 5.45)
    Contact: Community Improvement Rep. – 509-338-3300. 

    Dropping or discarding litter in parks, streets sidewalks, public property, private property, water, ponds or pools is prohibited. The property owner or person in charge of the premises is responsible for keeping the property litter free. Proper litter receptacles must be provided and maintained on all premises.

    It is also against the provisions of the Pullman City Code 5.01.050(19) to leave or deposit indoor furniture outdoors in a residential zone. [See nuisance control code.]

  • Recycling


    Pullman Disposal – 509-334-1914. 

    Curbside recycling for single-family housing and multiple-family dwellings up to quadplex units is provided by Pullman Disposal Service. Recycling for apartment units is also offered by Pullman Disposal. Recycling centers are available in Pullman, Moscow, and at WSU.

  • Solid Waste

    Solid Waste

    (Pullman City Code, Chapter 5.40)
    Contact: Pullman Disposal – 509-334-1914.

    By city code, every person must use a licensed solid waste collector to remove and transport solid waste from the premises on a regular basis. In order to secure services, you will need to contact Pullman Disposal. 

    Solid waste containers that are placed at the street must be placed within 5 feet of the curb or alleyway no sooner than 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up and must be removed within 24 hours after pick up. Persons in charge of the premises must provide sufficient solid waste containers to hold solid waste of that premises and must assure that solid waste is collected regularly from that premises.

    Chapter 5.40 of the Pullman City Code outlines requirements for the removal of solid waste and penalties for not doing so. The Revised Code of Washington section 9A.56.050 provides for charges of theft in the third degree, a gross misdemeanor, for individuals that commit theft of property or services by placing solid waste in the container of another individual who does have regular solid waste pickup.

    Complaints about the illegal disposal of solid waste should be reported to the Community Improvement Representative at 509-338-3300.

  • Visual Nuisances

    Visual Nuisances

    Pullman City Code 5.01.050 (19)
    Contact: Community Improvement Rep. – 509-338-3300.

    Property is to be properly maintained for both sanitary and visual reasons. Indoor furnishings, such as couches, are not allowed to be left outdoors in a residential zone. [See also Nuisance Control Code.]

  • Fireworks


    (Pullman City Code, Chapter 3.16)
    Contact: Pullman Fire Department – 509-332-8172. 

    The use or discharge of fireworks by any person in Sunnyside Park on the day of the 4th of July celebration, other than display fireworks authorized under a permit issued by the Fire Chief, is prohibited.

    There is a monetary penalty which shall not exceed Two Hundred Fifty dollars ($250) for each separate infraction.

    Fireworks may be offered for sale by permittees only between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. July 1 through July 4. Consumer fireworks may be discharged only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. July 3 and between 9 a.m. and midnight on July 4 and between the hours of 6 p.m. and 1 a.m. on December 31 and January 1. Misdemeanor violation is subject to fine.

  • Housing


    If you are renting property, state law requires you to have a smoke detector and to maintain it in good working order (RCW48.48.140). The city of Pullman also encourages everyone to develop and practice a home fire escape plan and post the "911" emergency number next to your phone.If you have obtained housing but are concerned that it may not meet life and safety requirements of the building code or fire code standards, please call the City of Pullman at 509-338-3220 for a building inspection or at 509-338-3270 for a fire code inspection. Concerns about discrimination in housing should be referred to the city of Pullman's Fair Housing Commission at 509-338-3208.

  • Occupancy Restrictions

    Occupancy Restrictions

    (Pullman City Code, Chapter 17.75.075)

    Within an R-1 Zone, no more than three unrelated persons may occupy a single dwelling unit. Within an R-2 Zone, no more than four unrelated persons may occupy a single dwelling unit. Failure of a property owner to comply with occupancy restrictions may result in a fine of $250 per day, up to $5,000 total per infraction.

  • Nuisance Control Code

    Nuisance Control Code

    (Pullman City Code 5.01) 
    Contact: Community Improvement Rep. – 509-338-3300. 

    Public nuisances caused by things such as litter, junk and trash accumulations are prohibited by code in the city of Pullman. A brief overview of the enforcement procedure follows. Nuisance enforcement is usually a complaint-driven process, with city parks and police departments responsible for enforcing nuisance control code provisions. Often the first step by city staff is to attempt to make in-person contact with the resident of the problem site, requesting voluntary cooperation to abate the nuisance. Without compliance, a Notice of Infraction, carrying a financial penalty to be levied by the Whitman County District Court, is issued to whoever is determined responsible for the existence of the nuisance. Second offenses require an appearance in court.

    The complete new code provisions are available on the city Website at under City Code, Title 5, Health and Sanitation.

  • Nuisance Party Regulation

    Nuisance Party Regulation

    (Pullman City Code 5.05) 
    Contact: for complaints – 509-332-2521. 

    Nuisance parties or uncontrolled social gatherings and associated violations, are regulated in the city of Pullman by the police department. 

    A party or social gathering that is or becomes a nuisance party, shall cease upon the order of the Chief of Police, or the Chief’s designee; and all persons not residing therein at the site of such social gathering or party shall leave the premises immediately. Any person who fails or refuses to obey and abide by such an order shall be guilty of a violation of this Chapter - a Class 2 infraction punishable by a penalty not less than $150 for a first offense. For each repeat violation of this Chapter, the enforcement officer shall require a mandatory Court appearance. For each repeat violation of this Chapter, the Court shall impose a minimum fine of $500. 

    The host(s) of the nuisance party are also ticketed and fined. All nuisance party citations require a court appearance. 

    The complete new code provisions are available on the city Website at under City Code, Title 5, Health and Sanitation.

  • Offenses against Peace and Order

    Offenses against Peace and Order

    Contact: Pullman Police Department - 509-332-2521
    Disorderly conduct and fighting are prohibited in the City of Pullman. Violation of the ordinance is punishable as a civil infraction with a minimum penalty of no less than $250 for a first offense and no less than $500 for a second offense. In addition, it is a violation of the ordinance if three or more persons knowingly and unlawfully use or threaten to use force, or participate in any way in the use of force against any person or any property.
    (1) No person may cause or create a risk of unreasonable public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm by:
    • Causing, invoking or engaging in any fight, brawl, or other violent or threatening behavior; or
    • Committing any act which tends to create or incite, or in fact creates or incites, either a violent response and/or an immediate breach of the peace. Such conduct includes, without limitation:
    • Personally abusive epithets, words or language that a reasonable person would find offensive, disgusting or insulting, and/or which epithets, words or language are likely to provoke a reaction of fear, anger or apprehension when addressed to a person of ordinary sensibilities; or
    • Disturbing any lawful assembly or meeting of persons without lawful authority; or
    • Obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic without lawful authority; or
    • Without lawful authority threaten to cause bodily injury immediately or in the future to another person or persons.

    (2) Two or more persons who unlawfully use or threaten to use force, or participate in any way in the use of such force, against any person or against property have committed the offense of disorderly conduct or fighting. (Ord. 08-6 §2, 2008).

    8.26.020 Violation – Exceptions.

    (1) It shall be a defense to a violation of this chapter that the actions were justified as self-defense.

    (2) It is not a violation of this chapter to physically participate in a lawful or officially sanctioned sporting, training or educational event or forum. (Ord. 08-6 §3, 2008).

    8.26.030 Violation – Penalty. A violation of this chapter shall be an infraction and shall be punishable by a penalty of not less than $250.00 for the first offense, plus costs and fees. For each repeat violation of this chapter, a mandatory court appearance shall be required and the penalty shall be not less than $500.00, plus costs and fees. (Ord. 08-6 §4, 2008).