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Cougar Choice Housing

Apartment and Home Security

Life in a house or apartment includes taking personal responsibility for one's safety and well being. This includes everything from understanding the appliances and heating system, and how to shut them off if they malfunction, to locking your doors and windows. You are entitled to locks that work and need to contact your landlord immediately to repair broken locks.

There are other things you can do to protect yourself, your home, and your possessions. Make sure smoke detectors are properly installed and functioning at all times. If you have sliding doors or windows you might choose to have lengths of wood made to lay in the tracks of the doors/ windows to keep them from being opened. There are other commercial devices to provide extra security or warnings if your home is being entered. Check with your landlord before doing anything that would be permanently installed in the house or apartment.

Security of the apartment building you live in is only as effective as you make it. Don't leave it all to the management and the police. By following these suggestions, you can make your building a safer place in which to live.

  • Unknown or suspicious persons seeking entrance to the building should be referred to the management.
  • Notify the management when your apartment will be vacant.
  • Make arrangements with a neighbor or the management to receive deliveries.
  • DO NOT identify yourself on the mailbox as a female living alone.
  • Ask to install a wide-angle door viewer.
  • Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk by opening the door to strangers.
  • Secure sliding balcony doors with a charlie bar or place a length of wood in the bottom track, making sure it fits snugly.
  • When in the elevator, stand near the floor button panel. In a difficult situation, push as many buttons as possible, particularly the Emergency button.
  • Do not enter an elevator if you are suspicious of the occupant(s); wait for the next one.
  • Be alert to vehicles or persons following you into the garage or parking lot.
  • Drive out of the area if you encounter suspicious circumstances and report them immediately to the management or the police.
  • Lock your vehicle; and remove high value items.

For more information contact the WSU Police Department at 509-335-8548 or Or contact the Pullman Police Department at 509-334-0802.