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Safety on Campus

Your safety and security on and off campus is a priority. Many campus systems are already in place to make WSU a safe place for ALL students:

  • University Police: Police officers patrol the campus in cars, on bicycles and on foot. Two other levels of security personnel augment these professionals: the Cougar Security Patrol and the Police Intern Program, both of which are comprised of students. For emergencies call 911, for non-emergencies call 509-335-8548.
  • Women's Transit: Provides a safe, free transportation alternative for women who would otherwise walk alone after dark. Sun.-Thurs., 6:00 p.m. to midnight; Fri.-Sat., 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Regular school year only, 509-335-6830.
  • Pullman Transit: provides local transportation services in Pullman, free for WSU students carrying their ID cards. Visit http:// or call 509-335-6535 for routes and schedules.
  • Blue Light Emergency Telephones: phones are located at many locations across the campus and in remote locations. Also, all campus and pay phones can access emergency services by dialing 911 for no charge.
  • Hazing: it is a misconception to believe hazing only occurs within our social Greek fraternities and sororities. It can also be found in class honoraries, athletic and sports clubs, and many smaller clubs on campus. Hazing is not always physical, it is often verbal and equally harmful.
  • Threatening or Obscene Phone Calls: anyone receiving such a call on campus can call the University police for instructions on how to trace the call. They can be contacted at 509-335-8548. 18
  • The Student Recreation Center (SRC): self-defense classes are offered by the SRC. Classes stress awareness, personal safety, and evasion training.
  • Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse: (509-332-HELP), is a non-profit, volunteer, and professional agency that assists survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. It Provides 24-hour crisis intervention (509-332-1505), confidential shelter, and support groups for victims and workshops on domestic violence.
  • Campus Crime Statistics: The University believes a community that is well informed about the nature of its crimes is a safety-conscious public. Not only is it your right to know campus crime statistics, it is to your advantage to act on it by developing personal routines that enhance your own safety, and becoming actively involved in the reporting of crimes and suspicious/ unusual activities. For current statistics go to the WSU Police Department Web site.
  • Office of Student Conduct: Handles complaints on and off-campus about WSU students that have violated others rights, welfare or individual dignity. For more information contact them at 509-335-4532 or at
  • Bias Hotline: Bias related incidents can be reported to 509-332-2427.