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Cougar Choice Housing

Useful Links

Here’s who to contact if you need assistance:

General Information and links:

Experiencing any of these? Here’s who to contact:

  • Blowing garbage, unsightly weeds, gravel on the sidewalk, overhanging vegetation, un -shoveled snow: call Steve Murphy at 509-338-3300
  • Discrimination: call NW Fair Housing Alliance at 590-325-2665
  • Electrical wiring problems or to find average power costs for a dwelling: call Avista in Pullman at 509-229-3310
  • Garbage Collection is provided by Pullman Disposal Service: 509-334-1914
  • Landlord/Tenant Hotline: 206-723-0500
  • Landlord/Tenant issues: call ASWSU Legal Services at 509-335-9539 or email at
    • Students can get as many 30 minute consultations as they desire to discuss legal issues with an attorney (currently Wynn Mosman)
  • Mold, housing issues, etc.:
  • Noise from your neighbor, cars blocking your driveway, animal control or any issue that needs an Officer Response: call dispatch at (509) 334-0802
  • Plumbing or mechanical safety/licensing: call City of Pullman at 509-338-3220
  • Zoning Code Violations: call Pete Dickinson at 509-338-3213