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ASWSU Cougar Choice Housing


Ask around

  • Which companies should you work with or some you should not

Drive around

  • Signs may indicate which companies manage which properties

When should you start looking for a place?

  • Some property managers start leasing as early as January
  • If interested in a place, call and ask about leasing dates

Where to look

  • Most rental agencies have web pages
  • Craigslist
  • Whitman County Landlord & Tenant Association
  • Chamber of Commerce – Pullman WA
  • Evergreen
  • – etc.
  • Housing Fair

Track information about places that interest you

  • Agency name/manager and contact information
  • Property address, features, rent cost
  • Deposit amounts
  • When available
  • What is included in rent and what is not – Electric, cable, internet, trash, etc.

What is the application process?

  • Application fee and how much?
  • Each agency may have a different process
  • What determines if you get a rental unit?
  • When will you know?
  • Cosigners?

Gather information before you start

  • Have names, phone numbers of past rentals, jobs, references
  • Drivers License, Social Security Number, Student ID #, car license, bank account number