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ASWSU Cougar Choice Housing


Will you move off-campus, stay in the dorms, or move to a Greek House

  • Must be 18 to sign a lease
  • Consider price and convenience
  • Apartment – variable costs, cook own food, more responsibility, more freedom
  • Dorms – consistent cost, food on campus, no need to leave campus, less freedom

Who will you live with?

  • How will you determine if someone is compatible and will make a good roommate?
  • List of questions to ask a potential roommate
  • Parties, dirty dishes, bathrooms, cleanliness, drug use/habits, smoking

How many roommates do you want?

  • Sharing costs vs. on your own
  • Will you rent a house or apartment?

Find out the budget of the group members

  • Other costs besides rent
  • Determine your price range

What features are required vs. optional for roommates?

  • What features would be nice to have?
  • Define your priorities – be realistic


  • Do roommates feel strongly about having pets?
  • Will pets limit your housing options?
  • Pets fee(s)/deposits
  • Don’t sneak in pets – fine(s)


  • Roommate agreements – Payments

How are your finances?

  • Having roommates can save you money on your living expenses. Living by yourself means that all the monthly utility bills are your responsibility?

Do you like living alone?

  • If you are someone who needs alone time to relax and recharge, this is hard to do if you are living with three roommates.

Do you like to share?

  • Whether you are best friends with your roommates or barely interact with each other, you will have to share intimate details about your life. You will need to be OK to share financial information and common living space with them.

How private are you?

  • You will have to respect and compromise with roommates on issues such as overnight guests, having friends over and sleep habits.

How do you deal with conflict?

  • Living alone means that you can avoid conflicts on issues such as bathroom time, sharing food, cleanliness, etc.